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Little Secrets

So basically as a teenager suffering from social anxiety you take the internet as your best friend.

That’s when YouTube happened I didn’t go on and post videos of myself too scary but I found people wrote stories on there “fan fiction” for a while there I just read’em I was in the world of the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez vs. Miley Cyrus lol

I decided to give it a go and people actually liked what I wrote I got subscribers on two channels almost reaching 1,000 and I would get comments in a way it was my social place and through that I actually met some friends that I still talk to over on Twitter and Facebook

Then life got in the way and my issues basically Adult Life and it all stopped but now that I’m seeing my therapist she advice me to work on me and nothing else and working on me is enjoying what I did before which writing was a big part of it and since  right now I have some time on my hands I want to get into that again not on Youtube but over at wattpad yes I know that people there are probably mostly teenagers but its a place where writers can go and express themselves (shout out to Anna Todd the writer of the After series she posted it on Wattpad and look at her now!) and I’ve basically have had a story idea in my head for a while based on some parts of my life.

I’m no professional author but I enjoy it so much!

Wattpad Story – Modern Love- User Name: VanillaBeanxoxo

and talking about YouTube I’m thinking of giving it a try and posting videos about  books, mental health, beauty, baking and cooking and much more fun stuff just thinking though but if you would like to subscribe! that be cool.

Youtube Channel -XxWendyStarxX

Like I said the Internet is like a safe haven for someone with an anxiety disorder or just for someone that can’t express themselves freely out in the real world.



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