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Am I Being Over Sensitive?

It was that time again to go see my psychiatrist this would be my second time to talk about how the medication he prescribed me is going I liked him the first time we met so I didn’t feel as anxious anymore.

What I didn’t expect is to walk away from the visit feeling judged.

I know that me having social anxiety I’m more sensitive and irrational with a lot of things or situations but I’ve grown to learn when its a trigger of my anxiety and when its not but right now I’m a bit confused.

When he keeps reminding me “yeah but you’re young” every time I ask or tell him about something regarding me and how I’m feeling during some situations not just with the meds I take it as if he is saying “its all in your head” or “you’ll get over it”

I just didn’t like his vibe today and like I said I walked out feeling judged and not so happy with myself even maybe a bit depress over the whole situation am I over analyzing  like I usually do? or am I justified to feel this way?

maybe since I’m new to this I’m just starting to get it the difference between him and my psychologist he is the guy that gives me the drugs and only cares how they are affecting me and I should only ask certain questions regarding them but is it right? or should I try and find a new Dr.?

Any advice? I could really use some or just hearing some experiences would help too.

Days like these is when I wish my life were a little easier and I didn’t have to deal with this curve ball that it threw my way.




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