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Bad Days or Weeks: Things to remind yourself.

Yesterday I had a break down something that hasn’t happened in a bit I’m just feeling so frustrated I want to block the world and just not deal with anything wishing I had a magic wish to make everything better one of those weeks where I felt like I took one step forward but then two steps back.

Luckily I was reminded that I’m still going to have bad days that I’m still going to feel like its never going to get better but that I am trying and that’s the the thing I am trying and doing something about it and THAT IS EVERYTHING!

I know the JOURNEY isn’t always going to be easy sometimes I’m going to feel so lost and alone I’ll still have my depressing days but its alright as long as I don’t give up

remember that

  • you are worthy, worthy enough to wait for the better outcome.
  • These days are not here to stay this is not the end.
  • You’re allowed to have down days specially when suffering form a mental illness.
  • Just because today you feel like you’re being defeated doesn’t downgrade how hard you’ve been trying.
  • You aren’t the only one to have days like these.
  • When people can’t understand its alright don’t get angry.
  • If someone says the wrong thing trying to help don’t get angry they are just trying their best to be there for you.
  • You’re never alone there’s always people you can talk too if you are up for it.
  • Remember its a process you might not feel better today, tomorrow even in a couple of weeks but there is no limit learn to understand that its a process give yourself time.
  • Its not your fault to have all the feeling you’re having.
  • Just remember YOU ARE WORTHY!




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