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goodbye SUMMER hello FALL! Things I look forward to this season.

Living in Southern California all my life it never really hit me that we don’t really get a change in seasons it almost feels like its Summer or Spring all year long I only noticed until I got older and although I wouldn’t trade being a California girl for the world I do welcome a change in weather even if its just a bit with open arms specially after summer when the heat has gone well over 100 degrees!

The first day of September means that I get so excited over everything autumn if it were up to me our house would be decorated in all things copper color with the smell of pumpkin spice or cinnamon all around  the days get darker sooner and I’m always up for being cozy!

I thought I’d share some things I love the most about this season

  1. Watching the weather channel and finally you know its that time you’ve been waiting for Sweater Weather!
  2. Saying its autumn instead of fall making you feel fancy and happy inside
  3. Football Season, yes I love me some football! GO 49ers
  4. Thanksgiving and seeing all your familia!
  5. Living in your favorite hoodie for days and no one can say anything about it!
  6. Watching your favorite Halloween movies again and again! even the one that gives you nights mare yes I’m talking about you Michael Mayers
  7. Your favorite TV shows coming back!
  8. Dressing up for Halloween
  9. The weather being and feeling soooooo cozzzzy!
  10. Daylight Savings Time has ended and you get an extra hour of sleep!
  11. RAIN can’t blame me we hardly get any in California!
  12. Halloween Theme Parks that you swear you aren’t going to go to but end up going anyway somehow
  13.  It’s okay that summer is ending because fall is here to stay well for at least a couple months and its ALRIGHT!




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