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Feelings, Thoughts & Those Bad Days.

This last month has been a really hard one for me there has been harder days then good days there isn’t much I can do but try and strive along there’s even days I pretend I’m perfectly fine and that I’m good just for the sake of it I think anybody that suffers with a mental illness knows exactly what I mean.

I’ve been feeling so stuck

Those days when all you feel like doing is staying in bed and cry because it seems all the hard work you’re trying to do isn’t helping and the medication is making you hazy and it hard to keep reminding yourself it will take time.

In my case they’ve advice me not to work at the moment to take time off and focus on myself I know that not everyone has the luxury of actually doing that but I guess I do, I say guess because its doesn’t make me feel good and even though my family says it okay take time doesn’t  mean my help financially isn’t missed or that it would be a great help, I come from a hard working middle class family.

I want to be able to just go out do my work hours like everyone else then come home and feel productive I can’t help but feel like a burden at times even when they assure me I’m not but when I see them struggling I wish I could step in and help!

Sometimes I even wonder if they think I’m not being truthful or that I’m over exaggerating my social anxiety or the worst one just plain lazy! its really hard when the illness you have is invisible to others when they can’t psychically see it or when their mind can’t understand it.


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