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Who am I, And why I’m here.

I’m just a 26 year old girl from California trying to live her life and like I’ve said in previous blog post I’m on a journey to overcome my social anxiety.

I’m using this site as an outlet to write about my life and feelings without a shame and for me to see and know I’m not alone and to learn more about my struggle.

Just a basic blog about my everyday life and thoughts 👍

But putting the seriousness aside I’ve also said it before I’m more than just my social anxiety though I do live my life around it beneath that there’s way more to me.

So I also want to use this space:

Write and share things about my life that have nothing to do with my social anxiety.

to review and share my favorite books.

Share and do recipes of some of my favorite dishes and bake goods.

Share my favorite songs.

Beauty & make-up.

Wattpad & writing.

Basically also to share the fun things I enjoy doing that’s why I’m here!





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