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What Do You Like About Yourself?

This was a questioned I got asked yesterday and I never thought this would be such a hard question to answer! I literally shrugged and said “I don’t know nothing comes to mind”

The person wouldn’t let it slide just like that they said I’m not going to drop it until you tell me at least one thing, funny thing is I’ve only met with this person twice and they could already tell me things I should like about myself just by meeting me those two times! and this is not about my social anxiety maybe just a little but its just I’ve never really thought about what I like about myself I’m always concern about others or just anything else in general never about me.

So I sat there for about ten minutes and finally answered with “I guess that I’m kind” that was the only thing I could come up with.

Where I’m getting at is that we become so preoccupied with other things we don’t really see ourselves, we pay attention to what others are good at, or how good they look, on how well they are doing with their lives and how happy they must be with themselves. How much they must like themselves!

At this time I’m finally told the three things that I should like about myself and say them to anybody whenever they ask me what do you like about yourself? with confidence and no worries because a person I’ve only met twice practically a stranger saw it in me right away

  1. I have a genuine beautiful smile that anybody can tell its coming from the inside all the way to my lips till it reaches my eyes with sincerity
  2. I have a very approachable personality
  3. engaging in conversation with me once I instantly make the other person feel comfortable with my kindness and friendliness I just have a great attitude that people in general take to my liking.

I just looked at the person I couldn’t really say much but “thanks” she saw that in me in just two meetings we’ve barely had and I couldn’t even have thought about it and I’ve owned my mind for twenty-six years!

Then it became much easier for me to say okay then apart from liking that I am kind I also, like that people see me as wise enough to ask me for advice, I like that I’m a good cook and baker, I like that I could be sarcastic and funny, I like that I get engrossed in a book and that I like reading, I actually like the way my face looks 🙂 and that  I like that people know that if I can I will be there for them without a second thought.

Let me tell you complimenting yourself does make you feel damn good!

try it!

We own or mind and thoughts so if we don’t allow it and them to be free and explore no matter the situation (with my case social anxiety) but its not just always because of a mental illness it could be any other situations then its always going to feel like its in a dark place that you can’t escape! some of us really don’t take a moment to ask ourselves, what do I like about myself?, because I’ve learned just yesterday (haha) we all have something good about us no matter how little or how big!

so my question is,

what do you like about yourself?





8 thoughts on “What Do You Like About Yourself?

  1. I have the same problem of having nothing popping in my mind when I’m asked the question.

    I had a similar experience when my career counselor asked me to describe some positive traits about myself. I couldn’t think up anything, and even bashfully admitted to him that I tend to think up negative traits about myself. So he asked me to ask my friends to describe me.

    One person I know described me as a “kind, gentle soul”. I don’t know this person that well, but we are acquaintances and he’s a nice person. His honesty surprised me, and I was also surprised at my own reaction to his assessment of me. I actually felt overwhelmed and kinda wanted to cry on the spot knowing he saw something that good in me, but it’s stuff I have never seen in myself.

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    1. isn’t strange how our brain works we always seem to gravitate to the negative instead of the positive even when it comes to ourselves.

      I think this question is also a lesson in confidence just like you I also felt like crying hearing what a person I don’t really know noticed about me that I didn’t.

      It’s all in our head in my case I’m working in training my thoughts to not overthink and I think this is one of the questions and situations that I finally notice how bad I do overthink and how silly it is.

      We should all never feel ashamed in feeling confident in our qualities so we should notice them more frequently.

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      1. I definitely have a problem with overthinking and obsessing over my (perceived) flaws, whether these flaws/mistakes are things I believe are wrong in me, or if I think other people see these flaws in me. This affects me daily, and at times, keeps me from putting myself out there and pursuing my interests in life.

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      2. That’s exactly my problem and it’s because of my social anxiety that I’ve kept concealed to mysel for so long till now because it was affecting my adult life so much I don’t want to step any boundaries but speaking to a therapist does help I’ve only been twice but it’s already helped me a bit!

        Just some friendly advice but I’m no professional just like I said it could help cause what you just described is how I feel too.

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      3. Can I ask for your honest opinion about what’s been the best thing in therapy for you? I signed up for therapy services at an office, but the issue is, I’m on the waiting list, so I have to wait for them to contact me when they have an available therapist for me to see.

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      4. I’ve only been to see her two times exactly but with those two times I actually have felt some relief in a sense in knowing I’m not the only one suffering from something and it’s true when they say that they allow you to talk about whatever it is your feeling and you know they are really listening that’s the best part for me because i tend to close off a lot even with people I’m close with and her making me see how it really doesn’t make sense to feel the way I do and she has a way of explaining in making me believe that there really is a light at the end of the dark tunnel!

        but take note that you won’t automatically feel better but it’s a great step I’ve still had my bad days even after seeing her

        They advice me to see a psychiatrists and a psychologist/therapist just in the sense that medication can help too.

        Hmm what about searching for another therapist around your area I waited atleast 3 weeks till I saw mine but I actually got to make the appointment before hand not waiting on them to call me.

        Hope this makes sense.

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