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I as many others I assume are in LOVE with the idea of finding your perfect LOVE

I picture myself finding that one person that is “my person” and we’re going to be each others everything more than just lovers but best friends, partners in life even combining our DNA and creating little mixtures of ourselves.

I have LOVE in mind because I’ve just recently seen how easily LOVE can go away and fade as if it never was there in the first place.

Then it got me into thinking LOVE is a pretty damn scary thing! I’ve never been oppose to it like i said I picture myself finding my other half and living happily ever after I’m not naive to not know that there isn’t going to be times where even when finding that special person that you feel was made just for you there’s still going to be hardships but like everything in life nothing comes easy and you have to work on it not just give up.


What do you do when you give it your all and your thinking its going pretty damn good and then other person suddenly doesn’t feel the LOVE anymore and does give up? This is also regarding marriage I believe in marriage but seeing how easily people are to walking away and changing their minds is it even worth it?

Some people find LOVE at a young age, others in their mid-times and others well pass their prime but LOVE is still found because its around us regardless if you want it to be or not which is the scary part because you really can’t avoid it or escape from it.

I for the last twenty-six years of my life have had this perception of LOVE as a forever thing my prime example my parents being married for thirty-seven years and counting, once you’ve found (don’t want sound too cliche) your soulmate but now that I’ve seen how easily it can been torn apart I kinda have this new outlook upon it.

I’m not saying that I’ve giving up on my idea of LOVE but I’ve definitely been expose to the dark side effects of it even when the commitment has been there for so long! I find it a bit scary, a bit more risky you really have to be brave to give yourself like that even to the one person you feel is “your person”

what are your thoughts on LOVE?


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