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The feelings of giving up

Don’t have much to say other than its been getting harder and harder to feel like I’m working towards a victory I hate days like these when I feel like I can’t even get out of bed. There is too much going on around me and I’m literally exhausted and what gets me more frustrated as that I’m still not there where I could just go and do something.

Everyone elses problems and issues seem to be more you could say important since they are visible their struggles are shown to everyone.

While I’m stuck faking my smile pretending I’m getting there when I just feel like saying you know what I’m throwing in the towel I’m done.

I use to be guilty of reading post like this one I’m writing and thinkinh that person just wants attention but in reality you write these things here because it’s the only way to let the feelings out.

Medication and doctors and therapist aren’t miracle workers but if only they were!

I’m just feeling so lousy and hopeless these days and I guess the gloomy weather we’re experiencing in southern California ain’t helping either.

Just letting my feeling out if you relate to me with this post you aren’t alone.


The little space in the back of my mind is telling 

So keep that in mind.


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