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I’m so tired!

I don’t know if it’s because of my mental health but I’ve seriously just been so irritated and very hostile towards anyone that is around.

I think I’m am just tired of everyone treating me like if nothing is wrong, like I’m perfectly fine, and not even bothering to ask how are you feeling today? After me being so open about my feelings and let me make it clear that asking about my day is different that asking “are you okay?” Cause I hate when people ask me that.

I’m always there for everyone and I’m always honest.

I’ve just come to the conclusion it’s only me and I need to only take care of myself and care about my well being and focus on my therapy and that’s it because at the end of the day everyone else is going to leave and make their own lives and what about me? I’m trying to do that too

It sucks but it’s just the way it is and I feel like people don’t understand why I’m pushing them away I just feel this sort of anger well not anger more like….I’ve never been a resentful person but that’s what I think I am starting to feel towards them resentment and I don’t like the feeling but its there.

Who knows maybe I’m being dramatic but it sorta makes me feel used like yeah you only need me when you have issues or don’t have something else going on since you know I’ll always be there.

……..just a little rant. 



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