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Single? Married?: LOVE

I’ve said before that I’m a strong believer of love and finding your other half even though I find love to be scary at times.

I come from a Hispanic background, Mexican to be exact and with that whole side of my culture the old folks expect you to be married by the age of 25 with kids or at least have a serious relationship leading that way or else they’ll be thinking or saying it behind your back or the bold ones to your face that “your ship has sailed” or that you’re basically a cat lady already.

Dealing with social anxiety & depression those little comments don’t sit to well with me is like can they be anymore insensitive? 
Nobody means it in a bad way but you can’t help but feel that way.

I know that this type of comments don’t just come at you if you’re from a Hispanic background or are only hurtful or bothering if you are battling a mental illness. 

But since I am dealing with a mental illness one that makes it hard for me to interact in social situations without feeling anxious the topic of love had recently been given me anxiety because really I don’t want to end up alone and I know many with any type of mental illness thinks this way it’s constantly in the back of our minds.

Getting asked do you have boyfriend? Literally is a dreaded question. Or hearing old family friends or long distance family asking your parents if you’re married yet? Kids?

Turning a negative into a positive.

Basically I have decided to not give a fu*k! (sorry but cursing is needed with this statement.)  

I’m committed to myself at the moment I’m trying to fall in love with the person I am accepting every flaw and working hard to become a better version of me.

So no I don’t have a boyfriend and no I’m not married with kids and I’m 26 years old! Outrageous! 

Love is such a powerful thing and sharing it with someone special is amazing,


what I think is more beautiful is being able to love yourself first, that should be the main key!

Before I choose to give my all to somebody else I’m giving it to myself first and there is nothing wrong with that and with time and faith the right person will come along at the right time, just my little motto I’m going with and keeping it positive and whatever people are saying,



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