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Good Day

Hello haven’t written a post in a little while just been a little busy with “life” but today I just like coming on here and give a little update because today was a good day, I still feel good!

Its kinda weird that on the first rainy gloomy day we’ve had here in Southern California I woke up feeling great! I didn’t wake up feeling tired, I didn’t wake up with negative energy I just woke up feeling like….me.

At first I was like what the heck?! Haha but it’s just been so long since I’ve woken up feeling dare I say energized?! and just ready to face the day with a cheery smile I actually wanted to go and start conversations and my smiles and laughs didn’t feel forced, I’ve just come up with the conclusion that the old me the one before my unwanted friends made my mind their home came out of the shadows and there is no one to give credit than to myself! (and okay I’ll give the meds some credit too) 

But the point is today was a good day I felt good my mind didn’t feel cloudy and my shoulders didn’t ache and I applied for more jobs without the fear of anxiety on my brain.

I’m finishing this with words to myself, “Good job Wendy, you’re freaking trying and doing it be proud!” 😊


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