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Hello. . . .again.

Its been a bit since I’ve posted anything which sucks because I was so enthusiastic when I first open my blog I had so many things to share but then as always life gets in the way being an adult isn’t always fun throw in some daily struggles and its just. . . blah.

If you’re reading this hope you had an awesome Halloween! I sure did tagging along with my nephews and niece while they trick or treated around town they looked so cute/scary in their costumes (I’ll insert a picture so you can see I’m not kidding) Michael Myers, classic Harley Quinn and Jack Skellington.


Honestly they are the only people in this world as of right now that actually bring happiness to me and make me smile, if you don’t have kids or don’t want any having nephews or nieces is the next best thing!.






Moving along I should now say Happy November (so crazy!) I’m starting it off with lighting up a candle for my grandma since it’s dia de los muertos/day of the dead, I’m Mexican so its a tradition.  We do it to honor, remember and celebrate the ones who have left us.



This year I really got involve in learning more about it and why it’s important for me to learn more about my culture. I think a lot of us are so into the now that we don’t take time in learning about our roots and where we came from. It’s a new challenge I’ve set up for myself learning more about my Mexican heritage luckily I have a father that loves history and explaining it, heck he even knows the US history better than me! So it is a win, win situation. haha



Lastly, I know my blog is about me talking about my journey with anxiety and depression which I’m still struggling with but with this post being my first one in awhile I don’t want to get too much into it right now. Just know that I’m still on the journey and I haven’t thrown in the towel.


I’ve reached some milestones but I’ve also taken some steps back as well, or I haven’t been able to conquer what I want yet but all in due time (baby steps).  I just wasn’t made to be one of those people that take a leap without a second thought.

Anyway I’m happy it is getting cozy and cold and its November then finally December my two favorites months because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m hoping faith has better things on the way for me and for you as well! 🙂

Until next time.





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