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Anxiety Night In America

As Americans it is our right and privilege to vote so if you are one of the privileged ones go out and VOTE it’s your duty as a citizen a pretty damn good one!

I did my duty, I VOTED!


Though I’m smiling I was not fully 100% with either candidate but I for sure know which one (in my opinion) will be more fitting, and that’s the one that got my vote.


It’s a critical time in the US of A its sad to watch and witness how it went back to being such a divided country, when we have always stand for unity. Where racism and straight out just being horrible and ignorant to any other race that isn’t Caucasian became a norm during this election thanks to one candidate. I won’t go on a rant because just like I have my opinions, choices and views others do as well and that is America.

All we have to do is go out and VOTE because it does make a difference! Hopefully the outcome tonight is not a disaster.

With that being said I’m just happy we finally get to see the conclusion of what felt like a circus even though its nerve wrecking and anxieties are high!


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