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Last night in the US we all went in thinking good was going to win but of course the plot twist that is life decided to gift us the opposite.

I’m still recovering from the shock I want to be positive but there is a heaviness in my chest that I can’t explain yeah I’ve come to terms that it’s anxiety mixed with sadness but most of all, FEAR.

Fear for family and friends, fear for myself and just fear of the future that now seems more uncertain than ever and in no way promising.

I got my eleven year old nephew asking if people are going to treat us bad after this? only because of our Mexican heritage or just because we’re Mexican American? he is scared that people are going to bully and throw racial slurs at his grandparents while they’re at work at eleven years old a boy shouldn’t be thinking this at all. 

This is something that I never thought would be a problem or issue in the year 2016!

As a person that struggles with my mental health I’m trying to keep it together but this is really something that has triggered so much.

America voted and “he” became president.

what a privilege it must be to be able to look past a presidential candidate’s racism––because it won’t ever affect you smh – Bill N.

I guess. . . . . 

It is what it is, just stay true to who you are and don’t let the world intimidate you. 🙏✌ nobody can make you not be a loving, compassionate  accepting human being. <—- trying to think this way. 

Its still fresh, it still hurts and it still is scary.

I’ll leave this post with some words from a post from FB that happened to be posted by my sister.

All I have to say is that thank God I live in a blue state. I knew rasicim is a huge problem and last night people showed their true colors and came out of hiding agree with me or not if you voted for this man you just supported  racism,attacks against woman,the gay community, attacks on disabled people and bullying. Now more than ever we us minorities which I hate using the term minorities because no skin color should defined what group you belong to I hate the fact that one race thinks they are superior than other races EVERYONE IS THE SAME ALL OF US ARE HUMANS…. We need to not be silent and speak out against racism and bullying … Oh and for the next 4 years I don’t have a president!!! 


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