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unnamed I’m little late wishing my fellow Americans a happy Thanksgiving hopefully you all had a good one with lots of yummy foods joined by family and friends. I for one actually did have a pretty nice Thanksgiving at first I wasn’t up to having anyone over or doing anything I just wasn’t in the mood I basically was just being a downer pretty much. At the end though I’m glad I changed my attitude towards a holiday that is basically Christmas without the gifts I ended up waking up early and helping my mom and sister cook I even volunteered to make the Thanksgiving ham which came out pretty amazing if I say so myself. I even made the decision to not take my anxiety or anti-depression medication so I could have fun with my cousins and have a drink or two because sometimes I just want to do the normal things you know? I don’t know if it was wise for me to do so but I figured one day wouldn’t kill me I was feeling good with my decision till my cousin said some of her husbands friends would be joining us I’ll admit that it made me a bit anxious but I took a deep breath reminding myself to just relax and lets just say at the end I made a new friend! So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful that I got to see for myself the progress I’m actually making and that I’m on my way to being okay and reaching my goal, anxiety doesn’t guide my life I do!

As for the rest of my weekend….

one word: NETFLIX

Basically it was really cold after Thursday and it actually rained the next couple of days till today I didn’t feel like going out anywhere shopping out of the question I don’t do black Friday so I just hanged back at home and chilled binge watching one of my all time favorite shows One Tree Hill and eating left overs and baking some cheese cakes haha it may not sound exciting but for me an ideal weekend well spent! Another highlight was my father got a good deal and decided to buy a 65′ inch smart t.v for the family room so I’m not complaining 🙂

Tomorrow is Monday and it’s back to reality but I’m okay with it I hope if you’re reading this and you celebrate Thanksgiving you also had a good one and your weekend was enjoyed to the fullest and that you didn’t need to go to work and just chilled! and if your reading this and don’t celebrate the holiday I still hope you had a lovely weekend.


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