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December Vibes ❤

Still can’t believe November came and went so fast I remember everyone talking about Thanksgiving and now its all about Christmas and let me tell you I’m one of those people lol I know I usually post about how my anxiety or depression is doing and stuff surrounding that part of my life but today is all about welcoming December and counting the days till Christmas!

I woke up this morning and instead of reminding myself that next month I’ll be tuning another year older (nobody likes to remember they are getting older don’t argue with me) I gave myself a positive talk that led me to conquer the day and by conquering I mean decorating my whole house for Xmas! All I’m missing is the tree but yeah I went on December overdrive and couldn’t be more happy with myself so I thought I’d share some pictures so maybe you’ll get in the spirit as well. 🙂

I started with a bit of the outside first before it got too cold! Then headed inside which for me is the fun part!

I was so into it this year that apart from a little bit of decor in the kitchen I even put in a few bits of detail in the bathroom haha

                       ↑ my doggy photoboming I can’t with him

Then braving the 50-something degree weather (I’m from southern California that’s freezing to us) I convinced my brother to help set up the lights outside which “multi-color” was the theme we went with this year and I think we did alright!

overall a success if I do say so myself!



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