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Depressing times

How do you go about when life feels absolutely suffocating? I’ve always struggle with anxiety/social anxiety I’ve learn to deal with it on my own way for years without professional help and then with some which only happened this year. . .but being honest I don’t know how to deal with depression that’s the absolute truth I hate how it makes me feel so worthless and makes me question why do I even exist?

At the moment I’m dealing with so much it’s like I’m stuck at sea and I can’t swim or breath.

There is nothing worst than feeling like a failure when you want to help but your mind stops you when you know you can do it but you’re your own worst enemy. When life feel likes a challenge you were thrown in and you always lose.

I’m sorry.

This isn’t just a post but words I wish I could express to my father who is at the hospital sick while I feel like his worst disappointment. 


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