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Friday Quote

As I sit in my dad’s hospital room as he recovers and we wait on the results of his surgery (praying everything is going and healing well) I begin to feel a bit better. I’m currently sitting here alone with him for the first time since he has been admitted and through the noise of the chaos outside of his room we have quiet conversations and when he looks at me he isn’t looking at me with blame he is just looking at me as his daughter a person he loves it gives me the feeling of being “daddy’s little girl” all over again because that’s who I am to him.

Although I still have my moments and the guilt I’m carrying I still feel it when I look at him…I’m a little better now and I have to believe that this wasn’t in my control, the circumstances. I didn’t do this no matter if I feel broken or not, this is life and just like I didn’t choose to have anxiety or depression my dad didn’t choose to get really sick, like I said its just life and sometimes life isn’t fair.


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