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California Rain

Hey guys

I’ve never taken a “lazy Sunday” as seriously as I have today, I’m talking not changing out of my pajamas and I’m not complaining. Southern California is experiencing a rain storm at the moment (thank god since we were in a massive drought!) which kinda makes us all just stay in doors because driving and wet roads don’t sit well with us natives. 

So that means everyone is home at the moment and for the first time in a long time I’m having one of the best days since November or I guess you could say today is the best day out of my 2017. You might wonder why in the world would it be if you’re just having a lazy Sunday. Well its because I don’t feel any sense of worry in my body for the first time in a long time and I’m having a great day/evening spending it with my brother and sister without me wanting to just go back to my room and sleep or just be alone for a couple of hours because my friend named depression wants all my attention instead.

I’m in this flashback state where it feels like all of us are back to being young kids watching t.v together and drinking hot chocolate that mom made us while we fight for the remote or on what to watch. Today, on this rainy cold day I got reminded just how lucky I am to have a wonderful family that I sometimes take for granted because I just feel so misunderstood. 




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