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January 25th, 1990


Ever since I turned eighteen birthdays became more and more less fun specially after turning twenty-one. Though I know it should be a happy time that I’ve made it another year! What happens when you feel like you have nothing to show? thus why you don’t feel worthy enough to be celebrated or you yourself celebrate the day of your birth?

Ever since new years eve I’ve been having this battle in my mind because I knew that in 25 days after that I  would be turning twenty-27 years old and it got me scared shi**less! Having your birthday in January is cool and all but it just reminds you way to quickly that its a new year and you’re definitely going to become older very soon!

I really don’t know how I feel today.

I’m sad that I’m still stuck (in some way) but happy that I’ve made steps to make my life better but recognizing that I still have a whole lot to go (and that’s what makes me feel sad and a bit depress) but honestly I need to lighten up!!

Though I haven’t found my way just yet and I’m not where I thought I would be at this age and time I should be grateful for the steps I’ve taken and the journey I began and how I’m sharing my life in someway and not hiding anymore!



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