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As I sit here and wait for everyone else because I’ve been ready since about an hour ago I’m starting to lose my patience!

This is one of my many beautiful traits that Anxiety has given me I HATE TO BE LATE or TO NOT BE IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION.

The appointment is at 10am it takes us about 40min to get there and it’s already 9:05am maybe I’m over reacting but it drives me nuts and then anxiety takes over and then I get in a pissy mood.

People then start asking me what is wrong? So it gets me even more irritated! 

What beautiful traits do you suffer the most because of your anxiety? Or mental illness? 


2 thoughts on “Punctuality.

  1. I’d say one of my traits is being perceptive about what’s around me. I am a very good observer and have no problem remembering people’s names after I see them for a while, even if I have never spoken to them. This is how I was in school lol. It’s a bit funny. I suppose I look very unassuming, so even now I could be sitting near people and be eavesdropping on their conversation while seemingly having my attention on something else.


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