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Sharing too much?

I’ve had this question in my head for the last couple of days, am I sharing too much? 

I’ve been reading a lot of blog post recently and articles on other sites as well as watching some youtube videos that all seen to have the same topic in mind, Happiness.

Even my blog falls into the category of happiness since I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m on that journey to find my happiness. 

What I realize though is that people want to be happy and see happiness but don’t want to see/read the journey and the struggles that some people actually have to go through to actually get there.

But it’s like if we only show the good parts then it creates a fantasy world/life that doesn’t exist. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong? but for me people can’t be happy or have a good life 24/7 and I do like to read or watch them share the struggles of everyday life because it shows they are human and if you’re struggling on a daily basis it helps knowing that people out there are also facing difficulties just like you. 

Faking a good life isn’t going to get you one.

That’s why I’m not going to stop posting about my bad days because they are part of my journey and when I’m having good ones I’ll also share those but just know I’m being truthful.

Just to make it clear I’m not saying you have to agree with me but avoiding real life issues and things that other people go through doesn’t mean you won’t ever maybe one day go through the same thing.

We all do deserve happiness some just have some difficult roads to cross and hurdles to jump to get there and you can’t pretend that isn’t reality. – Wendy Zee


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