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What Is Happiness?

All this time I’ve been saying I want to find my happiness but in reality I have no idea what that is or will be?

Happiness is different for all of us that is one thing I do know, some people find happiness in others, in their job, hobbies or just on a lazy Sunday.

Since I’m still searching for mine can I ask you what makes you happy? that type of endless happiness that makes you feel like you are stuck in a bubble of bliss?

maybe I haven’t found mine because I’m a dreamer and expect too much.



One thought on “What Is Happiness?

  1. Spring makes me happy. Being near nature, like standing at the ocean or going hiking. I am an amateur at gardening but there’s something satisfying about sweating it out in the sun as I get down and dirty (lol). Coffee makes me happy. Bright colors, sunny days, working on my cross stitch projects.

    The winters are hard for me because I feel myself wilting physically and emotionally.


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