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Though I’m not where I want to be (yet) I know that I want to remember me at this moment then look back hopefully a year from now and see how much I’ve changed. This probably would’ve been more appropriate a day after my birthday or on my birthday but I’m doing it now. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make your own post that you can look back on a year from now. Share your thoughts and goals at this moment, what is making you happy and sad just all about you at this very moment in time.

This Is Me At Twenty-Seven, Year 2017 in the month of March.

That girl you see in the picture is me, Wendy.

There is a smile there but behind it there is still so much grief. By “grief” I mean I’m mourning the girl and women I still want to become.

Behind that smile I’m still dealing with the hardships of anxiety and depression that seem to still be winning, but you see that smile right? I try.

Me at Twenty-Seven

At this very moment I’m still learning about myself things I love and things I don’t and making sure I actually set out to accomplish my goal: happiness even thought I don’t know what that means or is yet.

What am I craving? Love

What is my hobby? Social Media (yeah get it together girl)

Who is my enemy? Depression.

Me At Twenty-Seven

I’m still crying more than I should be.

Sad days still come more easy than happy ones.

I’m still finding it hard to love myself.

Me At Twenty-Seven

Music I can’t stop listening to? Ed Sheeran

Song I’m relating to at the moment? Migraine by Twenty-One Pilots

I need to go to more concerts.

Me At Twenty-Seven

I’m outgrowing my older sister at the moment is that possible to outgrow or grow apart from a family member in a organic way with no animosity? asking myself and yeah  I hate it, I miss her.

Even after everything he has gone through at this moment I still ha*e my dad sometimes. (its still hard to admit it out loud let alone type it)

Family is still my number one constant.

Me At Twenty-Seven

Finding myself is still super hard.

I feel like I’m constantly changing but stuck at the same pace.

My thoughts are still winning.

Me At Twenty-Seven.


Someday you’ll look back a realize how far you’ve come.


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