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You know as I lay here in my bed I keep asking myself why do I hate Mondays? people have reasons to hate Mondays, a job, a meeting, school runs, bills to pay? Errand to run.

And I?


I still hate them  because its the beginning of a new week where I’m trying to be positive and strive Spring is here the sun is out my room is bright but as I lay here in my save haven called in the middle of the four walls that never let me down all I see is gray and mist.

I don’t write this for attention I write this here because it’s my journal and it’s my life. 

Rainbows aren’t always there for everybody. 



2 thoughts on “MONDAYS

  1. I go through similar feelings about Mondays. I feel useless and without purpose at the beginning of each week, and am envious of those who get up early and spend the day running around at work/school or doing errands all day.

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