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Things That Make Me Smile

I thought my blog needed a little bit of color since it has been super dark lately and since today has actually been an okay day for me I got in the mood to share that I’m not always just thinking about how unfair I feel compare to others. Of course there are things that I enjoy I mean we all do don’t we? so yeah just a fun little blog post with cute pictures on a Monday.

  1. A Good Mood Is A Clean Room
    Dream Bedroom


  2. Ed Sheeran’s New Album I Mean…. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Track 12. Supermarket Flowers——–Tears!
  3. Coffee
    Preferably With French Vanilla Creamer


  4. My Mom
    I Feel I don’t Write About Her Enough, I always Need Her.


  5. Nephews and Niece
    No Lie.


  6. A Good Book
    Can’t Live Without This Gadget


  7. Phone
    Need To Stay Connected (that’s what I tell myself!)


  8. YouTube
    I can watch vlogs all day!


  9. Rain
    If And When It Does Rain


  10. Alone Time
    You All Know Why


  11. Baking


  12. Mexican Candy
    Nothing Compares


  13. Netflix
    At The Moment “Shameless”


  14. Home 63586070419483176521784354_338545-home-sweet-home


What Makes You Smile?


4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Some things that make me smile:

    1) Cute animal videos (particularly from the YT channels Hope for Paws and Gotcha the Cockatoo)

    2) Coffee, of course, because it’s my drug lol. I don’t go a day without drinking at least two cups.

    3) Beautiful, warm weather with lots of sun. Great for taking long hikes or relaxing walks.

    4) Quiet alone time to do whatever I want, whether it’s sitting in a coffee shop, browsing a bookstore, going to the park or working on an embroidery project. 😊

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