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On A Tuesday.

So I didn’t want to get out of bed today at all literally dragged myself out of bed around 3pm to take a shower and get dressed only to get back into bed and take a short nap then suddenly I got the urge to get up and make pancakes for dinner.

Yeah This Happened

It all going down on a Tuesday how rebel of me huh? Then I didn’t even feel like eating them what a waste… now it’s about to be 5:30p.m and I’m ready for bed so I’m back in it.

The joys of days with depression hate this moffo that I can’t control. 

Until next time. 


10 thoughts on “On A Tuesday.

      1. Gotta rest too much rebelling takes a toll. And pancakes is like double so it’s not surprising 😂😂😂


      2. Weird people united! Here comes my thank you, but I mean it thanks Brandon.

        And since I was such a rebel today I’m off to bed it’s 10:30pm gosh I really pushed it today I need to calm down who am i?! 🤔😉😆


  1. Wow, awesome that you had pancakes for dinner. 🙂 Can you believe that I have never made pancakes before? I need to learn one day…

    Getting out of bed can be a very trying challenge on some days, and I don’t blame you at all for staying in so late. I have had those days before too.


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