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So it’s an early Saturday morning I couldn’t sleep woke since 6am now it’s just a couple of minutes after 8:30am yeah I’m saying the time because obviously I woke up on a not so positive note.

To calm myself down though I due my usual of distracting myself if not by reading or watching something on Netflix.

Fast forward to 15min ago my sister wakes up asking me if I want to go get coffee or go with her to make a quick trip to the bank. Just a little f.y.i we aren’t in such a good place right now if you’ll like to know more read my post “she is leaving”.

Anyway I said no thanks part of me because I’m upset at her and the other because like I said I couldn’t sleep and I just woke up in one of those days the state of mind not so happy.

Recently I caught on that whenever I’m having a bad day everyone makes stupid little insensitive comments.

So right now for instance I said no thanks I’m good.

what was her response? “Have you gone to see your therapist yet?”

Is like really?…….

Shit like this is why I never said or talked about anything in the beggining. I’ve even been vocal about it telling them that not everything I do is because of my anxiety or depression and them bringing it up all the time is like bringing up my biggest insecurity twenty-four-seven.

Just fucking Insensitive! 


Sorry cursing was needed in this post. 


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