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This is a topic I’m usually able to just ignore because honestly I feel like there is nothing for me to bring at the moment let alone involve someone else in my messy adventure I’m still on.

Lately though that’s all I’ve been thinking about? Maybe it’s the fact that I admitted not so long ago that I’m lonely or maybe it’s the fact that now that my sister moved out I’m more alone than the usual and it lets me think more deeply without being interrupted.

Truth is I have absolutely no idea about dating? Honestly. That’s the truth because I’m twenty-seven years old dealing with social anxiety and even the thought of dating seems so unrealistic at this point.

How does one in this situation even get to a point of meeting someone? I know exactly what the other person would have to deal with if they dated me but would anyone even want too?

You know I wouldn’t mind having someone by my side right now just a partner for support or affection and this isn’t like some plea or post saying “yeah I’m single anyone out there interested?” haha<—I have to laugh at that.  It’s just a topic I’ve been thinking about.

I guess because one of my fears is ending up alone, just because I need those moments alone doesn’t mean I want to be alone if that makes sense?

Nothing really makes sense huh?

I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore…..until next time.


9 thoughts on “Dating?

  1. I’m 27 as well and have never dated anyone. I’ve never even gone on a single date with anyone lol. I can’t say I know the right way to meet people. I know there’s like dating sites out there but for myself personally that stuff bothers me because it’s virtual and I feel like a lot of it is judging someone’s looks to determine attractiveness.

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      1. I had the experience of being on a social anxiety forum a while back, perhaps a year ago. I met a small group of people on there who were interested in meeting up locally and hanging out. I thought to myself, “this is the craziest thing I have ever done.” I did spend a fair amount of time talking to those people on the forum in our own group prior to the meetup, so I felt confident they weren’t like ax murderers or something lol, and our meeting spot was in a public place so I felt I wouldn’t be in danger if I went. For most of everyone there, we were all very quiet lol. I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt like a total chatterbox online, but in real life, couldn’t get the words out to save my life. Out of all of them, I only kept in contact with one person and I still kinda semi hang out with him every now and then. That’s not to say it’s easy though. Every time he invites me to something or if I get the nerve to ask if he wants to hang out, I get very nervous the day before I see him in person. I’ve gotten less nervous in his presence the more times I’ve talked to him face to face, but still am pretty anxious. Ugh. 😦

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      2. I used to be quite active on the forum but not anymore. I haven’t written a post in forever.

        I don’t really think of it as being a step ahead of you, but that everyone with SA is in their own place and working on overcoming different things. Where I may be ahead of you in some things, you have made more progress than me in other areas.

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