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Saturday. April 8th, 2017 6:54a.m


I’ve been having weird dreams lately and some that feel so realistic that when I wake up I wish I could go back to sleep and be living in that dream than in the real life I’ve woken up to.

It’s strange though because before I never really use to have dreams or I would I guess but I never really remembered them.

Thing is that these dreams all consist of the same subject or topic and I end up staying up super early sometimes even before the sunrise and I can’t go back to sleep because my mind is already going one-hundred miles per hour.

Do you guys dream a lot? 


2 thoughts on “Saturday. April 8th, 2017 6:54a.m

    1. yeah i literally spend hours researching what they could mean online and sometimes it isn’t what I need to do because then I start having these you could say fears that something is going to go wrong.


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