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Day Two, May 2nd 2017

Being the 2nd day of mental health awareness month I decided to write a post sharing the one song that I go to whenever I feel like everything is crashing down on me and maybe I’m not worth loving. Those are always the thoughts my anxiety and depression like to focus on when I’m having a blurry tired sad full of worry day. That’s my biggest fear with my mental health that I will end up alone because of it and I think a lot of us feel that way.

Though Maybe it isn’t the best idea to listen to moody music that isn’t uplifting at the time where our minds aren’t in the best place I feel we all gravitate towards it more because of it. I like all sorts of music and I’m open minded when it comes to different genres I must say though pop and alternative are more my forte.

The song of my choosing doesn’t really fall into those two categories well maybe a little because Ed Sheeran is featured on it the song is called Dark Times by The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran.

I mostly go to this song because I relate so much to the chorus of the song I’ll post the lyrics down below

In my dark times, I’ll be going back to these streets
Promising everything I do not mean
In my dark times, maybe this is all I could be
Only my mother could love me for me
In my dark times
In my dark times

In my dark times I’ve still got some problems, I know
Driving too fast but just moving too slow
And I’ve got something I’ve been trying to let go
Pulling me back every time

What song do you tend to listen to the most in your dark time that just speaks exactly how you feel at that moment?


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