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Blood Thicker Than Water?

They say that the people closest to us are the ones that have the power of hurting us the most? my idea of it is that since they know we love them they are going to get forgiven or let it slide.

The worst is when they know your weakness where you are the most insecure and they take that to full advantage.

Not that I have many close friends but I’ve come to be one of those people that if somebody does something hurtful to me I can completely remove them from my life without a second thought or just shut them out.

Thing is with family it isn’t that easy, at least not for me the closest relationships in my life are all with family a few of them are the ones I run too to share my secrets and struggles, though I still harbor a lot of secrets to myself I know my limitation.

Though for me trusting someone fully takes a lot of guts and I’ll be honest and say I really haven’t had much experience in doing so with someone not related to me.

I’m writing this post because I don’t know where to turn when those people in my life are the ones making me feel bad intentionally or not, you see they use my insecurities as a jab to get me to feel so small but then pretend like it isn’t a big deal.

I feel like I’ve just come on here and complain, complain about my sad life but I’m just over it that’s the only way I can put it at the moment.



3 thoughts on “Blood Thicker Than Water?

  1. For myself, I do feel like there are some toxic things in my family and sometimes I wish I could cut these people out from my life permanently because deep down I feel like I would be better off without them. If I did that, I know they would see me as a cold hearted bitch but I see it as putting myself first and thinking of my own happiness.

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    1. Yeah I get you 100% thing is I always feel that if I go in that route with them they will call me ungrateful because they are dealing with me as I go through my issues if you know what I mean…It’s exhausting almost feeling like in a trap situation.

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      1. Yep… I’d imagine it would hurt a lot to be called ungrateful. I know everyone has problems with their family and no one is perfect, but it sucks to have family that is basically the way they are and that they are never going to change certain habits of theirs. It’s frustrating to watch and be a witness to it and actually be affected by these people’s behaviors. They have the capacity to change but they just don’t want to or care to. That’s what makes me feel like I just want to cut things off with the person because I really don’t want those toxic parts filtering into my life. :/


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