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How It Would Be Like…..

As someone that has been diagnose with having social anxiety, general anxiety and depression you best believe I’ve spent a whole lot of my free time daydreaming how it would be like if I didn’t have to deal with it.

It’s something I struggle to even picture because I just don’t know myself with out them so of course when I do I feel like I picture a perfect little life that just couldn’t be true not for me anyway.

People have fantasies of many different things or wishes that are big expectations basically huge dreams who doesn’t right?

In my perfect little world I would be greatly independent but with meaningful relationships a job that I would deal with even if it wasn’t perfect and just a daily routine that I would complain about but that made me happy. I would have stories about places I went too and things I did and tell people “yeah the other day I just drove off on my own and spent some time at the beach” California dreaming.

Then at my age that I am right now as I lay in my bed I also always pictured myself already married or settled down with a kid of my own.

Those were my daydreams, wishes and expectations.

Instead now all I wish for is for the next day, week, month or year to be better than the last and that I can look myself in the mirror and say to myself “you did it” at least a couple of times regarding a lot of things and just be happy and in love with the person looking back.





2 thoughts on “How It Would Be Like…..

  1. It is good to have big dreams but taking things a step at a time is the right thing to do. I’ve been there where my only ambition was to get through each day and now anxiety barely affects me and I am achieving so many things I never thought I could 🙂 you’ll get there too 👍🏻 x

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