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Have you ever found yourself sitting in a room full of people finding a seat furthest away from everyone else to avoid trying to make eye-contact with anyone and just keep your eyes on your phone? I always try not to draw attention to myself. 

I hate waiting rooms when they are full because I feel like I’m suffocating like my oxygen is getting used up and I feel like I need to go outside. Funny enough is when I do most thinking because a lot of thoughts are crossing my mind. Taking glimpse at people that are coming in and out listening to the receptionist on the phone and other people’s names being called.

I always compare waiting in waiting rooms like being back at school why? 

When I was in school I always made sure not to be late, which I still do now I’m always at least thirty minutes early or earlier if possible to any appointment like I said before I choose a seat furthest away where I can feel at ease. I people watch from afar and wonder how their day is going? and then there is always that person that comes in being so charismatic and talkative so sure of themselves disregarding that the room is full of spectators I always envy that. 

I compare being finally called as the class being over and you get to go be in a small room by yourself and be relax for a bit. Though the moment my name is called I take that as giving a presentation in class because people look up watching you make your way from your seat to the door in that little walk I always wonder are they judging my looks? Do they think I have a weird name? Or last name? can they notice I’m a bit uncomfortable? 

Yup waiting rooms.

I hope this post somehow explains and maybe gives a bit of insight at how someone with social anxiety overthinks profoundesly even in waiting rooms.


2 thoughts on “Overthinker 

    1. Only if I’m by myself and just one other person I feel like they can see the wheels in my head start spinning like do I say something?

      And when there is a lot of people in one I hate to be the one to ask what floor? In charge of the buttons I hate that

      It’s so ridiculous but true right?

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